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Ezra is an artist and designer living on beautiful Gabriola Island, BC, Canada. Typically this Gulf Island artist works in oil paint, or a combination of oil and acrylic. She focuses her themes around owls, trees, ravens, people and graphic depictions of wings and roots.


In her recent wings and tree roots series, she asks us to dig deep to rise high. She invites us to examine that which lies beneath our surface, and what it might be like to spread our wings and fly. What kind of support structure have we 'grown' so that we can thrive and take flight in the outer world? What are our outmoded belief structures that could use some shifting? What is your internal world whispering? Do you see how a tree can recover from a major trauma and still survive by taking a new shape and extending it's roots in unexpected ways?


Ezra seeks to translate for the trees and the forest as they quietly offer their wisdom if you are ready to hear it.

Ezra has participated in the Gabriola Studio tour from 2017, 2018, 2019, Her art is shown year round at the Pier Gallery on Gabriola.


I will only email you to invite you to something fun or
let you know about something I'm getting up to that is particularly noteworthy or scandalous.

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