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January  6  7  8

Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre
476 South Road

Title the Squared Show 2023  (12 x 12 canvases)

Dates January 6, 7, & 8, 2023
Times Friday 7-9pm, Saturday 11am - 5pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm

Online Salesbegin at 8pm Friday, January 6

Location Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre, 476 South Road. Gabriola

Selling Price $290 for everyone (youth $90)

Commission  20/80 split (80% to the artist)  •  Kids 10% commission charge

show details | 100, 12" x 12"  canvases

Artists List 2023

2023 Participating  Artists

Alexandra Gill (youth, 14)

Ava Luna

Barbara Hague

Bella Heughan (youth, 11)

Brendalee Astells

carol weaver

Catherine Hart


Cerasela Toba

Charleigh Boulton (youth, 11)

Claire Muir

Colleen Marana

Danielle Dickson

David Aris

Elsa Bluethner

Esther Robison

Ezra Miller

Genevieve Hicks

Grant Leier

Gwen Spinks

Hilary Farmer

Jacob Suess

Janet Johnson

Jan Pullinger

Jim Heeks

Joanie Wright

Joke Mensink

Jonathan Hoskins

Juanita Kristofferson

Judith Madsen

Judith Stirt
Katerina Gill

Kathy Dennison

Kimm Nightingale

Leaha Argue

Lesley Comassar

Leslie Burkhart

Linda Holmes

Linden Utting

Lisa Carter

Liv Boulton (youth, 9)

Maia Levine

Mark Huisman

Mary Mitchell

Mary Jo Fulmer

Maxx Duncalfe
Mia Mac Donald-West
(Youth, 11)

Nerissa Layton

Nicole Ker

Ode Howard
Olena Gill
Paige Hilland
(youth, 8)

Pat Rokosh

Patrick Belanger
Piper Hilland
(youth, 12)

Rhonda Bruce

Ro Walton

Rob Robinson

Sandra Miller

Sandra Civitarese

SharmaRay Goldman
Shelley Twist

Sonja Suess

Stephen Cole

Susan Banjavich

Susan Hudson

Tammy Hudgeon

Tara Qua

Thirza Voysey

Tony Grove

Tracey Dorman

Tyrrell Clarke

Vicky Bowes

Zena Rogak

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