January 6, 7, 8

Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre
476 South Road, Gabriola

the Squared Show | 2023

Welcome to the same old / brand new Squared Show!

Thank you Gwen Spinks for Seven years of Stretched & Squared fabulousness. You have created something truly wonderful that brings us often reclusive artists together once a year to square off, stretch our abilities, and raise a glass to, and with each other.  Let's keep playing.

Gwen has been kind enough to not only pass the torch to me, but to hold my hand a little as I move forward. I appreciate her support and patience and likely yours as I inevitably make some mistakes in this first year.


All 100 canvases are claimed. Happy creating!


show details | 100, 12" x 12"  canvases

Title the Squared Show 2023  (12 x 12 canvases)

Dates January 6, 7, & 8, 2023
Times Friday 7-9pm, Saturday 11am - 5pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm

Location Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre, 476 South Road. Gabriola

Entry Fee SOLD OUT $50, includes 1 canvas. Two canvases for $75

Youth (17 and under) $30, includes 1 canvas.

Selling Price $285 for everyone (youth $90)

Commission  20/80 split (80% to the artist)  •  Kids 10% commission charge


Optional Theme. "Gold"
In honor of Seraphina passing away October 8, 2022

A number of people asked if this show would have a theme. As we hadn't done so in the past I decided to keep things as they have been. However I would like to offer a theme this year in honor of Serapina Khepera who recently passed away very unexpectedly. She was a young Gabriola artist (33). She was for a short time the vice president of the Arts Council, and she was my dear friend. This is completely optional so please don't feel compelled if it's too late, or if it's not your thing. A theme through Seraphina's work and her life was GOLD. Even the wood floors in her home were painted metalic gold. I thought it would be a fun challenge to put out the word gold and see what comes back. You can interpret this as you wish!


dates and deadlines



1680 Whalebone Drive

Canvases are in a black tote on my front porch. Look for the glass hearts, they are under it. Please let me know when you've picked up your canvas so I can keep
track of inventory.

Nanaimo people,  please email me to make arrangements.

I was not able to get
canvases from Iron
Oxide this year.


December 6

Please email me (

a GOOD QUALITY photo of your work. Include title and medium. I will request you re-shoot poor quality images. I need time to both promote the show, and to create hang tags.


January 6

7pm to 9pm at the GAHC.
Get dressed up (whatever that means to you) and come celebrate! Sell some art, buy some art. Visit old friends, make new friends.


January 8

4pm to 6pm January 8, please pick up work.

You will be notified on the evening of Saturday the 7th if your piece has not sold.
If you are unable to pick up your piece at this time I will take the pieces home and make another time available.


January 5

Please drop off your work between 5pm and 8pm, Thursday January 5th at the Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre. If for some reason you can't drop off your work on this date, please contact me to make arrangements.

You MUST have the correct sawtooth hanging hardware. One sawtooth hook centered at the top of the canvas please.


76 (amazing!) Local Artists!

Alexandra Gill (youth, 14)

Ava Luna

Barbara Hague

Bella Heughan (youth, 11)

Brendalee Astels

carol weaver

Catherine Hart


Cerasela Toba

Charleigh Boulton (youth, 11)

Claire Muir

Colleen Marana

Danielle Dickson

David Aris

Debra Newberry

Elsa Bluethner

Esther Robison

Ezra Miller

Genevieve Hicks

Grant Leier

Gwen Spinks

Hilary Farmer

Jacob Suess

Janet Johnson

Jan Pullinger

Jim Heeks

Joanie Wright

Joke Mensink

Jonathan Hoskins

Juanita Kristofferson

Judith Madsen

Judith Stirt
Katerina Gill

Kathy Dennison

Kimm Nightingale

Leaha Argue

Lesley Comassar

Leslie Burkhart

Linda Holmes

Linden Utting

Lisa Carter

Liv Boulton (youth, 9)

Maia Levine

Mark Huisman

Mary Mitchell

Mary Jo Fulmer

Maxx Duncalfe
Mia Mac Donald-West
(Youth, 11)

Nerissa Layton

Nicole Ker

Ode Howard
Olena Gill
Paige Hilland
(youth, 8)

Pat Rokosh

Patrick Belanger
Piper Hilland
(youth, 12)

Rhonda Bruce

Ro Walton

Rob Robinson

Sandra Miller

Sandra Civitarese

SharmaRay Goldman
Shelley Twist

Sonja Suess

Stephen Cole

Susan Banjavich

Susan Hudson

Tammy Hudgeon

Tara Qua

Thirza Voysey

Tony Grove

Tracey Dorman

Tyrrell Clarke

Vicky Bowes

Zena Rogak

Zig Kedzior

Zulis Yalte