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You know those flying dreams? I used to have them all the time. There was always this element of control in them. I had to concentrate to keep myself the right distance from the ground. Too high or too low and the results would clearly be disastrous. I had a sense that my level of control was a tenuous one. There were moments of total loss of control where I would fly way too high and too fast -bad. And of course there was the come-down and terror of careening towards the earth. In both cases, of course, I woke up. I don't think it ever ended with a graceful landing nor did I ever feel that I was ever in total control

I loves me a good paradox. It would seem that the highest degree of is required to experience the ultimate freedom. Wings are a lot of responsibility.

I've been playing with a removal process and came up with this wing recently. The process itself is fast and free and requires concentration and a balance of control and expressiveness. My kind of flying.

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