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Meaningful Menial Tasks

I've always thought the idea of hanging laundry on the line was a romantic one. I didn't grow up with a laundry line but my grandmother on my father's side used to proudly show me her old wash tub. She raised eight children washing their clothes by hand and this "machine" that amounted to a giant salad spinner was how she wrung out the clothes. So much work. They didn't need to meditate and exercise like I do every day. The work was both meditation and a work out.

Today I was grateful for menial tasks. I do a lot of sweeping as a result of being too lazy to take off my shoes 90% of the time. Usually a completely mindless task, but today I needed the comfort of a thing I can do in my sleep. The satisfaction of a clean floor. The meditative rhythm. Inside of that noting moment came some ideas. Some solutions to problems, some whispers of wisdom. When I stop chasing it, it sometimes finds me.

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