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Past Lives

Once upon a time I was a football mom. And a soccer mom, jazz band mom, wrestling mom, and concert band mom. I had a very active and extremely hard working kid who did his very best at everything. He still does but he has shed so much of his past identity. The boy in this painting, and the mom who painted it are from a past life.

It is so interesting thinking about he many 'people' he has already been and how, yes he is still him but there are fundamental differences. So many titles like hats that we wear for a moment and then put on a new one. So many things that once were our identity that we chose to or have to put aside and define ourselves again and again. Are there threads there that never change?

My son, Brooklin is now 23. I have a good friend who is my exact age and is ready to give birth any moment. By somewhat stark contrast, I spent last night with my son down at the pub and he picked up the tab. It is surreal. My son and I are having the amazing experience of getting to know each other as adults. If I am grateful for anything the pandemic of 2020 has served up it is this.

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