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Old Stuff

My mom was just here for a very quick visit. These visits always bring up old stuff in me. I usually have to sift through these visits for a few days and uncover new understandings of myself and her. At any age, parents can both make us feel our full grown-up-ness, and can reduce us to the whining children we may have been. It is a journey back in time and a good opportunity to check in with our 'inner child'. I believe these little children still live in us and sometimes need attention. Mine didn't get to play much. I am pretty good at being goofy, but I don't express myself in play very often. I want to bring play into my work. As soon as I THINK about how to do this I feel like I'm missing the point. Tomorrow I'm going to get in touch with my inner six year old and see what kind of mess she wants to make.

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